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Spring Issue [Mar. 24th, 2005|10:14 am]
*~* Sapna Magazine *~*
Sapna Magazine

* Hip Hop sensation - Prosenjit Kundu
* His/Her Top 10 Turn offs
* My column - the best Dinner Date!

(Deleted comment)
From: pavani
2005-03-25 02:59 pm (UTC)
thanks for the compliments, I'm not involved in the final layout technically. I find the pictures and tell our Webmaster Mariam how I want them arranged and she does a fantastic job.

I love my dirty martinis, the key is to drink while eating so you won't get drunk.

In regards to compliments, you're right it would depend on the guy. Chances are if he is shy and introverted, it'd probably be ok to tell him know he looks nice. However, if the guy is not shy and rather the opposite it's best to reinforce his confidence in other things.

yay! I love getting feedback thank you!!
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